Frequently Asked Questions

Before you contact us with a query please read through the most common questions people ask us.

We are a very small team and the less time spent on dealing with queries, the more time we have to make Illusive amazing!


Site Address – Deene Park, Deene, Corby, NN17 3EW

The entrance to the event is dorectly off the A43, please DO NOT try and enter the site from any other road or through the surrounding villages. Please follow event signs and adhere to the No Right Turn instructions where necessary.


Public Transport:

The site is located reasonably close to both corby train and bus stations and a taxi costs approximately £12.00. There is a designated taxi rank near the entrance to the ticket office for taxi drop offs and collections.

Star cars • 01536443322

Sky cabs 01536 202020 or 01536 406040


Gate Open and Close Times:

The gate open and close times are strict and anyone arriving before or after these times will NOT be able to enter the festival. You can leave the festival at any time but re-entry or entry is only permitted with the following times:

Friday 8th September – 10:00 – 22:00

Saturday 9th September – 10:00 – 21:00

Sunday 10th September – 10:00 – 14:00

You need to leave site by Midday on Monday 11th September.


Day Tickets:

Day tickets will only be released if the event has the capacity to allow so before the opening days. We will announce this on Friday 1st September. If they are then they will be available online, cash or card on the door. They will be £70 plus booking fee if applicable.

You will NOT be permitted to bring alcohol into the event on a day ticket,

Gates will only be open from 10:00 until 14:00, entry outside of these times will NOT be permitted.



The festival is an 18+ event and we operate a Challenge 25 policy across the site. You will be asked to provide valid ID (Passport, Citizen Card or Drivers License) on entry to the festival and you may be asked to provide it at the bars.



There will be ATM’s on site to allow cash withdrawals throughout the event.



You will need to purchase a separate pass to allow the parking of your live-in vehicle at the event. Vans will be authorised in the campervan area, cars are also permitted for sleeping in as long as a campervan pass is purchased.

Trailer tents and any other wheeled tents will not be allowed to be in standard public tent areas and will also require a campervan pass. Oversized vehicles and awnings will require a large campervan pass to be purchased.

There is no power available in the campervan fields and generators are not permitted to be used.

Alcohol Policy:

There is a limit to the amount of alcohol you can bring on site. You may bring up to 12 x 440ml cans of lager, beer or cider or 6l of lager or cider in plastic bottles or a 3l box of wine. Spirits are not allowed. You may bring this with you on arrival to the festival only. There is no re-entry with alcohol. The license states that no glass is to be brought into site for safety reasons.

No opened plastic bottles can be brought on to site. You can bring sealed bottles of water or soft drinks. Any opened bottles will be confiscated on entry to the festival.

Sunday Tickets – No alcohol can be brought in on a Sunday ticket.

Ticket Queries:

For any ticket related queries please contact theticketsellers directly or Skiddle directly and they can assist you. Illusive festival will not be able to help you with ticket queries.

Ticket Selling / Swaps:

You are welcome to resell your ticket at your own discretion. If you are purchasing a ticket barcode from someone else however, please be cautious and ensure the person is trustworthy as there have been cases where people have sold their barcode ticket multiple times where as it would only be valid for a single entry.

If your code has been used before you arrive on site then you will have to purchase another ticket.

Name on the ticket does not matter.

Bins & Bin Bags:

Please try and help by tidying your rubbish at the end of the event and using the bins provided. Bin bags are available on request from the crew and we hope that you can help us return to Deene Park for future years by being considerate that animals graze on the parkland for the rest of the year.

Phone Charging / Showers:

There will be a shower block open during the event at set times. You can purchase a shower pass for the whole weekend via Skiddle.There is also a stall that allows you to charge your phones.

Campstoves/Log Burners/BBQ’s:

Small, portable campstoves are allowed. Larger stoves which require external canisters are NOT allowed, nor are log burners. Campstoves and BBQ’s need to be raised off the ground to prevent risk of fire. If you are in any doubt whether the stove you want to bring is too big or wonb’t meet these requirements then DO NOT BRING IT. Security will confiscate it on entry.

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