Will we ever be free? Will we ever want to be free?

The mechanical beast that cannot be stopped returns… and who are we to fight the machine when it sounds this filthily good?

Yet again there have been reports of another disturbance in the quiet countryside of Deene! Sources are telling us that the threat is coming from above! Sightings include that of some sort of alien spacecraft, a gigantic robotic being and as locals are describing what appears to be “a huge stack of beautiful looking speakers.

For the past couple of years Illusive Festival has been invaded by something that is not of this world. A mechanical goliath clawing its way free of the earth, pulverized the surroundings of Deene with a multitude of the darkest sounds from the UK Underground Dance Music scene. He came, he saw, he conquered….and he wants more!

The Robot is back once again! Crash landing from his home world, back once again with an even bigger army of sound warriors, bigger production levels, better visuals and monster sound! Bringing with him an arsenal of some of the finest and freshest talent in the Drum n Bass, Jungle, Hardtek, Jungletek, Bassline, Garage & UK Bass/Underground music scenes. Hosted by D.N.A Soundsystem & with DJs from some of the best labels across the spectrum, the beast is back and better than ever.

The Robot Lives On!…. The Takeover Has Landed


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