The Clock Tower

There is sound echoing through the land.

A steady Tick, Tock, cuts through the silence.

Hands thud like a heartbeat, sending tremors through the ground… For nearly a year now The Clock Tower has stood dormant, gazing out upon the empty land before it. Although the dust has collected, do not be deceived, for The Clock Tower never sleeps. It merely waits and bides it’s time… Of which, of course, it has plenty.

A few days ago the locals of Deene stopped in their tracks to listen. A sound they hadn’t heard in a long time fractured the peace; Rusted mechanics slowly shuddering into action. The faint ticking has begun once more and it can only mean one thing… The time is near. The countdown has begun.

Soon The Clock Tower will be shaking off its cobwebs and be reverberating throughout the land. With its hands rapidly spinning out of control overhead, at its feet there will be some of the biggest and baddest acts shaking it’s foundations. Speakers will be ripping up the ground around the tower as the Clock wreaks havoc while it can. Mind bending light shows and top of the range production can be expected to spiral the dancefloor through space and time.

With a vast selection of big headliners, DJs, MCs, live acts and such a large collection of genres in store, the only question that remains is; Will there be enough time to not miss a beat? Will you find the time to go anywhere else? Or will The Clock Tower hold you captive forever?

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