Alcohol Allowance

There is a limit to the amount of alcohol you can bring on site.

You may bring up to 12 x 440ml cans of lager, beer or cider or 6L of lager or cider in plastic bottles or a 3L box of wine. Spirits are not allowed. You may bring this with you on arrival to the festival only. There is no re-entry with alcohol. The license states that no glass is to be brought into site for safety reasons. No opened plastic bottles can be brought on to site – you can bring sealed bottles of water or soft drinks. Any opened bottles will be confiscated on entry to the festival.

Alcohol Policy

Illusive Festival is committed to ensuring a safe and well spirited Festival; Illusive Festival understands that at the centre of this commitment is a fair and productive alcohol policy which will encourage responsible drinking. Illusive Festival will be implementing an Alcohol Purchase wrist band system, this wrist band will be given to any guest who is confirmed as being over the age of 18 years old. Most wrist bands will be distributed at the entrance, and as they are tamperproof they will last the weekend.No bar will sell alcohol to anyone (no matter how old they are) without a wristband, the reason for this is we will also confiscate the bands from anyone:

  • acting in a disruptive or abusive manner whilst under the influence of alcohol
  • purchasing alcohol for the consumption of a minor
  • purchasing alcohol for someone who has been refused for being in excess of alcohol

Bars will only allow 4 alcoholic drinks to be purchased at once. All drinks sold in the Festival Village will be in open paper or plastic containers.

Stewards will report to bar managers if they see any guest who they believe may be approaching an excess of alcohol, so the bar managers can deal with any problems arising, before the guest is refused service.

All bars in the Guest accessible areas will cease trading at 06:00 each morning.

Bar staff will operate the ‘Challenge 25’ scheme on all bars. Vinyl posters are displayed in a prominent position in bar areas to demonstrate commitment to this scheme.

Illusive Festival will inform local licensed premises regarding our wristband policies, enabling them to be aware of anyone who may have had their bands removed.

If a guest appears to be under 25, depending on which scheme is represented, then we require proof that he/she is over 18. In these circumstances staff is required to:-

Explain that it is against the law to serve alcohol to Under 18′s.

Ask for identification.

    • Only three types are acceptable: PASS’ hologram proof of age card, British Passport, Photograph driving license.
    • If a guest does not have identification, suggest they return with some and they will be served when they do.

Each member of staff receives a comprehensive training covering all key aspects of working in a licensed premises including H & S policies as well as education as to the legal requirements of their role, including their responsibilities not to serve under 18′s and those who are intoxicated.

Their training includes a multiple choice exam that covers Licencing, Challenge 25, H & S, responsible service of alcohol and quality of service. This is re enforced on site at the briefing by the personal licence holding manager on each bar.

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