About Us

Defining Illusive Festival is almost as impossible as its name would suggest. As each festival goer, whether experienced or fresh faced, takes something different away from the event!

All we can say is what we as a festival strive for is simple; to bring our party people as much fun, enjoyment and happiness as we possibly can, for as reasonable a price as we can.

By drawing on the experience and dedication of our beautiful team of music fanatics and adding more than a dash of arts, crafts and visual magic, we seamlessly blend reality with the unreal. Bringing you a festival experience which will provide you with memories and experiences to last a lifetime! (or at least until the next Illusive…)

So grab your tents, jump in your vans, firmly place your party hat upon your head and follow your ears this September to Illusive Festival of Performing Arts.

See you on the dance floor!

Love the Illusive Team! X 

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