It’s Not A Mirage – The Chaos Has Arrived

A new outpost beyond the frontier has brought in the wildest characters from ruined cities…

Their ingenuity and raw skill have shaped a new generation of structures to twist sound into the chaotic energy which powers the colony.

This highly secret land is only accessible by those with an adventurous spirit, who are determined to become lost in the relentless basslines and unified frequencies which are so irresistible to so many.

Sprawling across an area newly reclaimed, this is a place to do what you want and explore what lies beyond the frontier. Immersed into hypnotic beats which fuse with this complex of structures, trees and surreal nature, it creates a mayhem that cannot be stopped.

Powering the senses with some of the most ground breaking artists from around the world of psytrance and progressive trance, it lets you become immersed in storming bass, heavy rhythms and creative sounds, or bliss out to masterful melodies and dreamlike harmonies. A brand new theatrical theme will be constructed by Visual Architects, to transport the stage into a chaotic dimension, one which needs to be seen to be believed.

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