Off The Rails


2018 Details coming soon!


A Twisted Techno Stage providing all realms of Techno as well as various alternative sounds such as house, breaks, acid and much much more.Tickets at the ready ladies and gentlemen, because Illusive Festival 2017 is about to go fully “Off The Rails”!

Shuffle into the darkness of the grimey underground station and be confronted with the techno express, transporting you into a world of twisted techno, breaks, house, hardcore techno and more filthy underground music.
But remember, step onto this train my friends and it’s the end of the line as you know it, bombarded with sick sounds and visceral visuals that will leave your mind on strike.

In 2017 TfL (techno far left-wingers) are in talks about funding a new rail system but for now, the train awaits its fate as it stands still, de-railed off track after smashing into a massive stack of humming speakers.

The almighty Tunnel Crew have stepped up for the second year running to provide the sounds and create a vibe like no other. With a proper pumping Turbosound sound system set up, top notch lighting spectacular and a venue you’ll struggle to walk away from, 2017 at Off The Rails is going to leave you in a hot mess!

So all aboard ravers….(we do not apologise for the convenience caused by our platform….)

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