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Hewn from the rock of mother earth, by hands more deeply in touch with the music of the planet, is where we set the stage for our musical temple.Under of the watchful eyes of a shadowy volcano, with plumes of fire blasting high into the darkened skies, you will find the deep, mysterious presence of “Lost Stage”

This is where us mere mortals flock to pay homage, and strive to please the gods with offerings of light and sound.

With a mind blowing line up of top live acts, this is where you find a massive selection of main Headliner acts, as well as the scenes up and coming musicians, bands and performers.

Providing you with everything from bands to beatboxers, divas to Djs there’s guaranteed to be something to get everyone jumping!

Hosted by United Beatz Productions & Unhinged, surround yourself with Aerobatic Troupes, Fire Breathers and Hula Hooper’s.

And come get “Lost” in the magic of Illusive Festival.

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