The ASBO Disco

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July 24, 2018
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July 24, 2018

The ASBO Disco

Music For The Massive

It’s a mashup of the heaviest sounds around, created from an unhealthy interest in big, dirty, stinking bass. The name ASBO Disco was coined in 2006 to describe the combinations of styles that come out at an ASBO Disco shell down DJ set and it couldn’t fit better.

ASBO Disco father and DJ of the people Adam Crawford cut his teeth in Bristol – the home of sub bass and breakbeats –  before taking his selections on the road with regular sessions at the festivals and ram jam events up and down the UK. 


“ASBO Disco is one of the coolest platforms my music has been played on. Big up.” Benny Page, Digital Soundboy.

“When The ASBO Disco plays, everybody dances,” Adam Wolf, Mr Wolfs, Bristol.

“When the zombie virus breaks out and the dead walk the earth, The ASBO Disco will still be the wickedest party in the world,” The Skints, London.

“ASBO Disco runs the universe,” Solo Banton, Reality Shock.