Clock Tower

— NEW FOR 2017 – CLOCK TOWER —   Get your 2017 tickets HERE


— LOST STAGE 2017 LINEUP —   Hewn from the rock of mother earth, by hands more deeply in touch with the music of the planet, is where we set the stage for our musical temple.Under of the watchful eyes of a shadowy volcano, with plumes of fire blasting high into the darkened skies, you […]


— TAKEOVER STAGE 2017 LINEUP—   BREAKING NEWS: There have been reports in another disturbance in the quiet countryside of Deene! Sources are telling us that this time the threat has come from above! Sightings include that of some sort of alien spacecraft, a gigantic robotic being and as locals are describing what appears to […]


— IMAGINATION STAGE 2017 LINEUP —   Imagine a world far away from the mundane realities of everyday life, a world that is only the thickness of a shadow away, yet so very different from our own. Accessible through a mysterious portal that bends the rules of time and space, that allows us a peek […]

Off The Rails

— OFF THE RAILS 2017 LINEUP —   A Twisted Techno Stage providing all realms of Techno as well as various alternative sounds such as house, breaks, acid and much much more.Tickets at the ready ladies and gentlemen, because Illusive Festival 2017 is about to go fully “Off The Rails”! Shuffle into the darkness of […]

Urban Mischief

— URBAN MISCHIEF 2017 LINE UP —   Get your 2017 tickets HERE Immerse yourself in the depth of dub, and bring forth your inner rebel when you hit the “Urban Mischief” stage. Brought to you by Entity and Revolt Sounds, we are proud to present to you a Rhythmic feast to soothe the conscious. Enter […]

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